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Hi, my name's Rob.

I'm a vector illustrator, information designer and visual storyteller.

Over the years I have refined my communication style to produce bold, direct and clean content with a high visual economy.

I'm interested in creating the perfect line, angle and shape to convey the idea. My method is the complete opposite of 'sketchy'.

I have worked with most well known brands, companies, agencies, and organisations.

Everything on this site is by me.


I'm inspired by German Expressionism and mid-20th Century illustration. Wherever possible I've tried to build on that visual language and not simply appropriate it.

I work quickly - usually without reference material - to make points and lines that suggest human emotion and expression – even with stick figures like the ones I created for TfL with tube stops for heads.

My work is 100% vector and fully scaleable for multi-channel output - there is no Photoshop and no bitmaps here.


I love making infographics. Strong pared-down drawing allied to bold visual conceits. These were all produced in Illustrator and as ever everything here is by me, from concept through to execution.