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I've had a close working relationship with Transport for London over the past five years and have created many original illustrations for them, including the popular illustrated line maps that I have made for the Victoria, Picaddilly and Overground lines as well as River Services.


Hi, my name's Rob.

I'm a vector designer, illustrator and infograficker.

I have worked for most well known brands from banks and retailers through to conglomerates, universities, TV companies, government agencies, and not-for-profit organisations.

Over the years I have refined my design style to produce bold, direct and clean content with a high visual economy, producing communication visuals that range from wallet-sized to the wall-sized illustrated map that adorns Westminster pier.

Although adept and used to working collaboratively, the work on this site is presented as examples of where I have taken a project to completion soley with my own ideas and visuals: everything you see here is my work entirely in both conception and execution.


I'm inspired by German Expressionism and mid-twentieth century illustration. Wherever possible I've tried to build on that visual language and not simply appropriate it.

I'm interested in achieving the perfect economy of line, angle and shape to convey the idea. My method is the complete opposite of 'sketchy'.


I love making infographics. Strong pared-down drawing allied to bold visual conceits. These were all produced in Illustrator and as ever everything here is by me, from concept through to execution.


I enjoy creating a strong and characterful graphic identity for an organisation. Here's some I think work especially well.

Illustration - Discover London above the Piccadilly line

The brief was to update the popular Above Ground illustration on Piccadilly line trains. No scamps or roughs were provided and other than a list of station stops and artwork size I was given a completely free hand.

The illustration took more than five weeks to complete in Adobe Illustrator and is very complex, containing more than 100,000 points.